4 EASY Steps to Reducing Your Property Taxes


Did you know that reducing your property taxes is a lot easier than you think? There are only 4 simple steps standing between you and reducing your property taxes to 50 to 80% of market value. It’s a shame that only 7% of property owners appeal their unfair values annually because that means that over … Read more

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Property Taxes For Seniors Pose The Biggest Burden


In Texas, property taxes for seniors are a burden. Fortunately, Texas seniors have many options to limit the impact of property taxes, including a freeze on school taxes, generous exemptions, and the ability to defer paying property taxes for their residence. Homestead exemptions are available for all Texas homeowners to reduce their property taxes, with … Read more

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Texas Business Personal Property Rendition and Taxes

The Texas Property Tax Code for many years had required owners of business personal property (BPP) to annually render those assets used in a business. Rendering is summarizing to the central appraisal district the ownership and value of the assets. Historically, however, over half of all owners of business personal property have not rendered. The … Read more

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Do You Have A Market Value Property? You Should Still Protest


Having your property appraised at fair market value is important if you want to maintain accurate records and avoid paying too much on property taxes each year. Even if you have a fair market value property, you may still want to look at protesting the proposed taxes with the Appraisal Review Board. According to the … Read more

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