Big change & new savings for Texans! Homestead exemptions in 2022.

Big change & new savings for Texans

Those planning to become homeowners can now save thousands of dollars on property taxes this 2022! Yes, homestead exemptions help property owners potentially reduce their property’s taxable value. The new law that came into effect this January 1, 2022, offers property tax relief to homeowners by allowing them to file for homestead exemptions in the … Read more

Will Texas See High Property Taxes in 2023?


The big question now is, are Texans likely to experience a higher property tax rate in 2023 or is going to remain the same? This question is bombarding many Texans’ minds. However, in a press release on the 30th of August, Senator Bettencourt said Texans will see a reduction of at least 6.6 pennies on … Read more