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How to Appeal Property Taxes in Mississippi

The application must be filed with the Tax Assessor of the county in which the property is located. If the applicant is filing on property that lies in two counties, he must first file in the county in which the residence is found. The applicant must then have two (2) certified copies of that application showing the assessed value of both the land and the buildings and the total assessed value allowed. The applicant should take the applications to the Tax Assessor's office in the adjoining county where the additional property is located. The certified copies of the resident county must be ATTACHED to the application of the adjoining county. One copy is to be sent with the original (not attached) that is sent to the Tax Commission. The other copy is to be attached to the copy that is kept on file in the Chancery Clerk's office. The limit of seven thousand five hundred dollars ($7,500) and one hundred sixty (160) acres must be considered on the combined values of both counties.

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