I filed a protest on my own for the first time this year after being the subject of an excessive property tax increase. Our property suffered damage during Harvey an yet they slapped us with 13% increase due to ‘improvements’ that never happened. I didn’t get very far on my own with HCAD as they shot down my iSettle filling the next day and told me I had to show up for a hearing to plead my case despite having filed adequate documentation. Upon the recommendation of fellow Glenshire neighbors, I signed up with O’Connor & Associates. At first, I was kind of hesitant because of the negative reviews here. In truth, I almost didn’t sign up with them, but my gut told me to go ahead as I had very little to lose anyway. Despite signing up with them close to the protest deadline, they still represented me. The process turned out to be quick and painless; they needed me to fill out a few documents electronically via their website and their costumer service reps guided me through the whole thing in chat messages. I never had to call or meet with them to get this done. The system did send me notifications to complete the documents again even after I had just done them, but O’Connor’s customer service representatives told me not to worry and, sure enough, they ended up fighting for me at the hearing and saved me close to $300 in taxes. I was honestly shocked. All in all, I’d definitely use them again next year if HCAD decides to try and raise my property taxes again!