Property Tax Tip of the day

Importance of timely paying property taxes

The penalties for late payment of property taxes are massive. Being one day late causes a 7% penalty. Being one month and a day late causes a 9% penalty. If taxes are not paid by June 30th, the penalties total 15% plus another 20% for collection costs. In other words, being 5 months late causes a penalty of 35%, or 84% on an annual basis.

Property Tax Reduction

Texas’ Largest Property Tax Consultant

We have a better record than most firms when it comes to results. We consistently strive to decrease the assessed value of your property regardless of market value fluctuations.

We represent property owners in more than 70 Texas appraisal districts including the Harris County Appraisal District, Fort Bend Appraisal District, Brazoria Appraisal District, Galveston Appraisal District, Montgomery Appraisal District, Dallas Appraisal District, Tarrant Appraisal District, Collin Appraisal District, Denton Appraisal District, Travis Appraisal District, Williamson Appraisal District and Bexar Appraisal District. We also offer property tax protest services in other counties states.

Choose O’Connor & Associates today to lower your property taxes!

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Commercial Owners

O’Connor is an established statewide leader in uniform and equal property tax relief. We have the expertise and manpower to help you lower your taxes by helping analyze your property’s appropriate value using one or more of the accepted approaches to establishing value. We use a proven system to maneuver smoothly through all steps in the Texas tax appeal process, achieving tax cuts through administrative appeals- informal hearings or appraisal review board (ARB) hearings.


Home Owners

We provide a property tax reduction service to residential homeowners in exchange for a contingency fee of 50% of all property taxes saved by O’Connor & Associates through administrative hearings or through a judicial appeal, for that tax year. We will..

  • analyze existing assessments
  • research, prepare and present appeals on your behalf at informal hearings
  • coordinate a mutually agreed lawsuit if appropriate

You are not billed for court costs, appraisals, expert witness fees or legal fees.

Properties Over assessed by CAD

We will represent you at your hearing.

O’Connor’s staff and licensed property tax consultants
can assist you in a number of ways

What We Do?

We have the expertise and the manpower to help you lower your property taxes. In 2015, O'Connor & Associates filed more than 175,000 protests, cutting our clients' taxes by over $43 million. We will aggressively pursue every legal avenue to protest and lower your taxes:
  • Informal hearings
  • Appraisal Review Board (ARB) hearings
  • Judicial appeals
Even if your property is taxed for less than its market value, you could still be eligible for a property tax cut based on inequitable assessment compared to neighboring or competing properties. Our staff generated property tax savings for 74% of Harris County residential properties that we represented and 69% of Harris County commercial properties that we represented in 2009!

How to Protest?

You have a right to lower property taxes! State law prescribes a procedure for protesting the assessed value of your property, upon which you are taxed by multiple taxing jurisdictions. The process is sometimes laborious and can be painstaking. But it is possible to achieve results if you can present evidence to support your case. You may represent yourself, or you may engage an agent to represent you by signing an Appointment of Agent form. Any agent who presents an appeal on your behalf must be a Licensed Tax Consultant in the State of Texas or possess another related real estate license.
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Commercial real estate appraisals are used for heap purposes including land loaning, due tirelessness, domain charge arranging, judgment, prosecution, salary charges (cost isolation) and an assortment of different purposes. O'Connor and Associates is the biggest autonomous land evaluation firm in the Southwest. Our group of valuation and business sector study experts have a gigantic expansiveness and profundity of business land experience which incorporates a wide range of business land.

Research & Consulting

Market research and consulting services are the major milestone and initial basis of O'Connor & Associates services. Since, then clients and the media have been relying upon O'Connor & Associates as a credible source of market insights, market data and consulting.
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