Appeal Property Taxes Annually

Appeal your property taxes annually to manage your property tax assessment. Like an untended garden, property taxes grow out of control if not appealed. Ensure you don’t pay more than your share of property tax assessments! There is usually no cost to appeal your property taxes. The tax assessors have an impossible task to accurately assess thousands or hundreds of thousands of properties both accurately and equitably. You can appeal that your property tax assessment exceeds market value based on the assessed value of similar properties.

Property Tax Protection Program

Our team can reduce your property taxes every year for residential, commercial, and business personal property to provide you with property tax relief.

The Property Tax Reduction Program was designed to reduce property taxes with no risk to the property owner. O’Connor will appeal your property taxes every year with no upfront cost or flat fees. There is no cost to you; just a portion of the savings.

Annual property tax appeals are necessary to verify the assessor is not assessing your home: 1) in excess of market value or 2) higher than similar properties.

An annual property tax appeal is important because assessors believe not appealing is equivalent to agreeing to their value. If you are busy one year and don’t appeal, but appeal the next year, the assessor will say, “Well, you agreed to the value last year. Why should I change it?” Appeal annually so property taxes do not grow out of control.

appeal property taxes

How it Works

Appealing your property taxes requires no effort when you team with O’Connor. We file the protest, prepare evidence, and attend the property tax appeal hearing for you. You do not need to do anything except enjoy the property tax savings.

The evidence file for the property tax appeal hearing includes:

  • The assessor’s record for your home
  • Area real estate sales
  • Assessed values for similar properties.

You don’t have to file the appeal or attend the hearing! Your only cost is a portion of the savings in years when we are successful. Our track record is tax assessment reductions for more than half of our clients every year. O’Connor measures success in the client’s property tax savings.

How and Where We Serve

O’Connor represents commercial property owners in 40+ states and homeowners in 140+ counties in Texas. We provide a FREE DIY option for residential and commercial owners where we are not able to provide a DIFY service (do it for you).


The FREE DIY (do it yourself) property tax appeal option is available in areas where we are not able to provide full service. This includes all properties outside of Texas (except commercial properties over $2 million).

You may ask yourself, “Why would they provide a FREE DIY option?” The answer is simple. We know 50 million-plus property owners pay too much in property taxes annually. We also know most owners do not have the tools to prepare comparable sales and assessment comparables. We do, and even if we are not able to do it for you, we are pleased to provide you the tools to appeal your property taxes. The DIY service is generally available to homeowners and owners of small commercial properties outside of Texas.

Enroll in the Property Tax Protection Program™ and we will provide a free DIY property tax appeal evidence file at no cost annually. You no longer have to pay more than your fair share of property taxes!


The DIFY (do it for you) service by O’Connor provides property tax appeal service for homeowners in Texas and national service to owners of larger commercial properties (over $2 million in most states).

Our DIFY service is complete and requires no flat fees or upfront costs. Our DIFY service includes an annual appeal of every property every year. We handle your property tax appeal without upfront fees at all levels of appeal: 1) informal hearing, 2) appraisal review board/board of equalization and 3) district court/state appeal.

We are not attorneys, however, we hire attorneys and coordinate the judicial appeal process, including expert witness reports and testimony, at our cost. We appeal every property every year so the assessor can not say, “You agreed to our value last year.”

Enroll now in the Property Tax Protection Program and we will appeal your property taxes annually
at no cost; just a portion of the savings. You have nothing to lose!

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