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Cost Segregation – Reduce taxes & increase cash flow!

Cost Segregation Reduce taxes & increase cash flow

Are you looking for new strategies to increase cash flow for your medical facility, then this is the best time to opt for a cost segregation study. If you are planning to construct a new medical facility or purchase an existing building then cost segregation will help you reduce your income tax liabilities and also … Read more

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Will the city of El Paso increase its property tax rate?


El Paso city officials are seeking ways to source revenue in the 2022 budget. The best part is, sources say this will not have an increase in the property tax rate. The Chief Financial Officer said the city will maintain the same property tax rate for the 2022 fiscal year budget. In April, the CAD … Read more

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Is February nearing & have you not received your property tax statement? Here is what you can do.


The Texas county appraisal districts usually evaluate the value of the properties in their respective counties. After the protest period has expired, and after the taxing entities have agreed with the tax rates, the property tax bills are sent out to property owners either electronically or by e-mail. This begins on the first of October … Read more

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Cost segregation – The Best Tax Advantage Strategy

Cost segregation The Best Tax Advantage Strategy

This tax strategy can help you increase your cash flow and help reduce the current tax liability, both at the same time. If you are looking to hold your hard-earned cash, then say YES to Cost Segregation. Understanding cost segregation Cost segregation is one of the best tax-saving tools that can help a taxpayer accelerate … Read more

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Can manufacturing facilities benefit from cost segregation?


A cost segregation study identifies personal property assets that are grouped with real property assets. The study then separates the personal assets for tax purposes. Personal property includes both a building’s non-structural elements, indirect construction expenses, and exterior land improvements. Conducting a CSS requires the experience of an engineer who has a good understanding of … Read more

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