3 Finest Commercial Property Valuation Methods To Follow!


Have you received your assessment notice on your commercial property? Then you should be thinking of doing a DIY valuation to check the accuracy of the assessment that you received. To help…

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Start Preparing To Protest For Your Taxes In Fall!


Are you someone who doesn’t have much idea about protesting taxes? This year learn more and start preparing to protest taxes with your documents. We are in Fall and it’s a great…

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Protesting Property Taxes During A Pandemic

protesting property taxes during a pandemic

Texas property tax rates have always been skyrocketing and many property owners out there are expecting to see a tax break because of the current economic situation, but sadly it is not…

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4 EASY Steps to Reducing Your Property Taxes


Did you know that reducing your property taxes is a lot easier than you think? There are only 4 simple steps standing between you and reducing your property taxes to 50 to…

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Property Taxes For Seniors Pose The Biggest Burden


In Texas, property taxes for seniors are a burden. Fortunately, Texas seniors have many options to limit the impact of property taxes, including a freeze on school taxes, generous exemptions, and the…

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