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When Does A Texas Property Tax Protest Have to be Resolved?


Homeowners considering protesting their property tax appraisal understandably have several questions. But before we answer these questions, it is important to understand how your property value is determined. HOW IS MY TAX BILL CALCULATED? In Texas, property taxes are determined at the county rather than the state level. Two factors impact the taxes:  Taxable value … Read more

2021 home prices affect the 2022 & 2023 property tax bills.

2021 home prices affect the 2022 & 2023 property tax bills

In 2021, the most spoken topic was the increasing home prices. No matter what people decided, whether to buy, sell, or live, they were responsible for paying the increasing property taxes that came along with the increased home price. For the current year’s property taxes, the market value for residents was set on the 1st … Read more

File a protest if your residential 2022 property taxes are high!


It is common for Texans to be in shock when they have their residential 2022 property tax appraisal notice in hand. Texas being the seventh state paying the highest property tax in the United States, homeowners, fortunately, have a chance to fight and lower their taxes.  This can be done by filing a property tax … Read more

Are you 65 years or older or disabled? Here is what you should know about the property tax deferral.


Texans who are aged 65 or older or those who are disabled as per the Texas tax law can now postpone paying their current and their delinquent residential property taxes! This can be done by signing a property tax deferral affidavit at the HCAD office (Harris county appraisal district). During a news release, HCAD said … Read more

Big change & new savings for Texans! Homestead exemptions in 2022.

Big change & new savings for Texans

Those planning to become homeowners can now save thousands of dollars on property taxes this 2022! Yes, homestead exemptions help property owners potentially reduce their property’s taxable value. The new law that came into effect this January 1, 2022, offers property tax relief to homeowners by allowing them to file for homestead exemptions in the … Read more