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New Trier Township 2023 Property Tax Assessments

New Trier Township

2023 Property tax assessments for New Trier Township apartment complexes have increased significantly and now total $62.4 million. Retail buildings saw a gain of $6 million, commercial real estate increased by $9 million, and institutional and special properties saw an increase of $979,000. In comparison, the cumulative rise in commercial and single-family property tax assessments … Read more

Property Tax Projections for Hanover Township through 2023

Hanover Township

Hanover Township of Cook County, Illinois saw property values rise from $3.6 billion in 2022 to $3.8 billion in 2023, with an overall gain of 3.7%. The Hanover Township 2023 property tax assessment predominantly increased the value of industrial buildings, with a secondary concentration on service facilities. Hanover’s overall increase in the 2023 property tax … Read more

Estimate of Cicero Township’s property taxes for 2023

Cicero Township

The 2023 property tax assessment hikes have increased for a number of different property types in Cicero Township. Industrial, institutional & special buildings, retail, service, food/beverages, and commercial are the top six categories that have risen. More than $795.5 million worth of property taxes were assessed for 2023, including $219 million for industrial structures, $52 … Read more

Property Tax Assessment for Calumet Township in 2023

Property Tax Assessment for Calumet Township in 2023

Calumet Township’s most significant property tax assessment increases in 2023 were 506.80% for institutional & special structures and 150.10% for service facilities properties. Calumet’s total property tax assessment increase across both residential and commercial property for 2023 was $259 million, which included an eye-popping $39.7 million for institutional and special constructions and $10.5 million for … Read more

Berwyn Township Property Tax Assessment for 2023

Berwyn Township Property Tax Assessment for 2023

Berwyn Township entertainment sports health properties received a notable increase in value for the 2023 property tax assessment, with values up an astonishing 154%. Values on apartments and office buildings also saw considerable gains in assessment. Berwyn’s total property tax assessment rose by $672 million in 2023, including $415k for entertainment sports health property value … Read more