A complete guide on property tax exemption

Oconnor a complete guide on property tax exemption

Texas does not have any state property tax as such but does have taxes that are all locally assessed. Property taxes are the major source of revenue that pays for the services…

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How, when & why should you submit a property tax appeal letter?

oconnor how when & why should you submit a property tax appeal

For those living in Texas, taxes are one of the certainties in life but it doesn’t mean you will have to agree with the amount of taxes you pay. Property tax valuation…

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Insights on how to protest property taxes and the property tax appeal procedures

Oconnor insights on how to protest property taxes and the property tax appeal procedures

As a property owner, you have every right to protest with regards to your property tax appraisal. Not many are aware of the protest process or are familiar with the appeal procedure….

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5 Factors That Hike Property Taxes!

oconnor 5 factors that hike property taxes

2021 is already here and property owners are thinking about how much tax they should pay this year. Every year the tax rate keeps on increasing a certain amount and that happens…

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Assessed Value’s Significance On Property Tax Calculation

Assessed Values Significance On Property Tax Calculation

What is the assessed value? An assessed value is a particular value assigned for a property that helps in taxing purposes. It is calculated with the help of sales comparables of various…

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Why protest property tax in Texas?


Many homeowners either plea for help or speak against the increasing tax rates. But, not all find a solution.  A property tax bill is something that drops in your inbox every year…

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Pay Less Property Taxes On Your Rental Investment


People are trying to save more dollars rather than spending them. Are you looking for dollar saving ideas in rental investment? Then there are tax deductions available for rental property investors! Property…

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5 tips to win a property tax protest


Are you looking at how to lower your annual tax burden? To help you win a property tax protest, here are six pro tips. You can use them to your advantage every…

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3 Finest Commercial Property Valuation Methods To Follow!


Have you received your assessment notice on your commercial property? Then you should be thinking of doing a DIY valuation to check the accuracy of the assessment that you received. To help…

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Start Preparing To Protest For Your Taxes In Fall!


Are you someone who doesn’t have much idea about protesting taxes? This year learn more and start preparing to protest taxes with your documents. We are in Fall and it’s a great…

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