A property tax check is one of the biggest checks you might write every year as Texas has the highest property tax rate in the US. Property owners nearly pay more than one-third when compared to the national average. But why? Here are three major reasons listed out that explain why Texas has the highest property tax.

Why property taxes are high in Texas

  • Property taxes being the major source of revenue for the state

Since the tax is the major source of revenue for the local government, the burden falls on you because you have to pay the property taxes. Property taxes are high because they are utilized for schools, road maintenance, emergency services, and other community safety measures.

If a property tax reform is likely to happen, then the tax burden will be distributed. The state income tax would come into a form or a higher sales tax will be imposed to make up for the shortfall. However, this is unlikely to happen even though it would mean tax relief for many property owners.

  • Property values at a spike

Property taxes in Texas are determined at a percentage based on the value of the house. The Higher the value of a house is, the higher the property tax bill. If you feel your residential property has been overvalued, then it is better to get your property re-evaluated and the right time to protest.

  • Taxes set by the local authorities

As far as Texas is concerned the state does not determine your property tax bill. It is all done by the local authorities. Though this is true, the government can still regulate and influence taxes. They can pass bills that make the regulations firm on tax hikes, pass a law where Texans can vote onthe tax increase, or increase the funding by the state for public education. Before these happen, the state legislature needs to pass the changes.

Here is how O’Connor can help!

  • We analyze the existing assessments
  • Research, prepare and present appeals at the informal hearings on your behalf
  • Coordinate a mutually agreed lawsuit if appropriate
  • Utilize binding arbitration to achieve equitable results for owners of homes and small commercial properties who are not able to pursue a judicial appeal.
  • An aggressive approach to protesting during all 3 phases of the appeals process
    1. Informal hearing.
    2. Formal hearing before the Appraisal Review Board.
    3. Litigation and Binding Arbitration.
  • We protest your taxes year after year. Once you sign up with us, we will continue to fight for your tax reduction.