Property Tax Consultants

Property tax consultants serve property owners by minimizing property taxes using all legal and financially feasible means. Property tax consultants focus on the best interest of the client in reducing property taxes, based on understanding the process and procedures at each appraisal district and by developing constructive relationships with appraisal district staff.

Property Tax Consultants Navigate Appraisal District Processes

Property tax consultants understand the nuances and quirks of each appraisal district and its staff. While each state has a set of statutes governing property taxes, each appraisal district (aka tax assessor) has its own understanding of the laws. For example, one large Texas appraisal district recently took the position that only the tax consultant that filed an appeal could attend the property tax appeal hearing. (The tax consultant files an appeal as an agent of the owner. The owner, the agent who filed the appeal or a new agent can attend the hearing.)

Property Tax Consultants Develop Relationships with Appraisal District Staff

Property tax consultants develop relationships with the appraisers at appraisal districts. Each appraiser has their own method of settling property tax appeals. While one appraiser may adjust the effective age of the building to settle an appeal, another may rely on comparable sales. One appraiser may be willing to adjust the stabilized occupancy rate while another considers a higher capitalization rate. One appraiser may focus on comparable sales within 300 square feet of the subject (for houses) while another may emphasize sales closest to the effective date of valuation. Property tax consultants understand the personalities and preferences of appraisers at various appraisal districts.

National Experts in Property Tax Consulting at O’Connor


Patrick O’Connor, MAI wrote the book on tax appeals and valuation: 1) Commercial Mass Appraisal – What Every Commercial Property Owner Needs to Know, 2) What You Need to Know about Personal Property Valuation, 3) Cut Your Texas Property Taxes, and 4) Big Data and Real Estate – Be a Millionaire.

Doug Ford, CPM – Commercial property tax team leader with 20+ years property tax experience and incredible client communication skills. Has supervised over $100 billion of commercial property tax appeals.

Jerome Kelly – residential property tax team leader and master of Texas residential appeals; has supervised over 2,000,000 residential property tax appeals.

Andrew Choy, CHIA – top national expert in hotel valuation for property taxes. Supervises property tax appeals for 3,000+ hotels valued at $15 billion annually. Co-author of The O’Connor Approach for hotel property tax appeals nationwide.

Abe Tieh – top national expert in valuation of business enterprise value for hotels, hospitals, medical office buildings, triple net properties, etc. Supervises billions of commercial tax appeals annually.

Sam Sherkawy – property tax consultant with 20+ years experience; also licensed at an attorney. Extraordinary communications ability regarding nuances of valuation errors; handles $1 billion in appeals annually.

Bill Daly – property tax consultant with 20+ years experience; incredible appeal results based on valuation and communication skills. Handles in excess of $1 billion in valuation appeals annually.

O’Connor has 40+ such licensed property tax consultants, most with 10+ years of property tax consulting experience. O’Connor consultants master the prerequisite technical skills, develop close relationships with appraisal district staff and are supported by a team of 30 IT professionals with access to a national database and proprietary valuation and tax appeal software. The results are extraordinary. No one else matches O’Connor aggressive approach at the administrative appeal level and for coordinating judicial appeals. No one.

O’Connor means property tax reduction with the right attitude.

  1. The government wants your money.
  2. You earned it; it is your money.
  3. Let us help YOU keep more of YOUR money.