A few words from some of our trusted Clients.

Dina Bushrod Recommends O’Conor & Associates

They have lowered my taxes every year since I signed up with them (around 5years). This cost is very reasonable and is based on a set percentage of the money saved. They are easy to contact and have a newsletter filled with information on saving money on your property taxes as well as step by step procedures on how to do it yourself. They do automatically protest yearly tax, unless you notify in writing and in timely fashion, that you no longer require their services. I receive every year a notice from them stating they will be protesting unless notification is given not to. I’m waiting to see how they do, as property taxes have really taken a leap.

Behnaz Safavi Reviewed O’Connor & Associates

If you are Pat O’Connor, You have been very helpful to I and my partner. Thank you so much. You give dates of when the deadline to these outrageous property taxes appeals are. You tell us about taxpayer liaison officer and so much more. I could not be more appreciative and thank you again.

Patricia Lintz-Jackson Recommends O’Connor & Associates

They have been successful in lowering my taxes at least twice. Thanks O’Conor & Associates!

Linda Rae Bohnke Sanchez Reviewed O’Conor & Associates

O’Connor is the real deal. I signed up with them 8 years ago with no regrets. They protest my property taxes every year and save me money. My experience has been 100% positive. Definitely recommended!

Sharon W. Houston, TX

I have been using O’Connor since 2015, and they have been saving me almost every year. If they can’t save me then no fees are charged. This year they saved me over $18k and that is a savings of over $500 in taxes, therefore I only had to pay them half of that which was $263. I did not have the time or energy to do all the paper work and leg work. Wh I see some areas in my home that needs repairing, I send pics to O’Connor.

Brian Adams Recommends O’Connor & Associates.

Great Work. The team has been protesting on my property behalf for over two years now. They are very professional and proactive. Returns have been satisfactory. I’m thankful.

Sarah K. Houston, TX

They are great. They’ve reduced my property taxes every year without me having to do very much. Their fees are very reasonable-totally worth it. Would def recommend!

Phil R. Spring, TX

I have used O’Connor & Associates for 10 years. They were able to reduce my tax appraisal 9 out of 10 years. This year it was reduced $30,000. I literally do nothing but sign my name. The one year my tax was not reduced I paid nothing. Not sure how this company could be a proble. Highly recommended!

John S. Houston, TX

I filed a protest on my own for the first time this year after being the subject of an excessive property tax increase. Our property suffered damage during Harvey an yet they slapped us with 13% increase due to ‘improvements’ that never happened. I didn’t get very far on my own with HCAD as they shot down my iSettle filling the next day and told me I had to show up for a hearing to plead my case despite having filed adequate documentation. Upon the recommendation of fellow Glenshire neighbors, I signed up with O’Connor & Associates. At first, I was kind of hesitant because of the negative reviews here. In truth, I almost didn’t sign up with them, but my gut told me to go ahead as I had very little to lose anyway. Despite signing up with them close to the protest deadline, they still represented me. The process turned out to be quick and painless; they needed me to fill out a few documents electronically via their website and their costumer service reps guided me through the whole thing in chat messages. I never had to call or meet with them to get this done. The system did send me notifications to complete the documents again even after I had just done them, but O’Connor’s customer service representatives told me not to worry and, sure enough, they ended up fighting for me at the hearing and saved me close to $300 in taxes. I was honestly shocked. All in all, I’d definitely use them again next year if HCAD decides to try and raise my property taxes again!

Bob Reagan Residential Review from Google

I have been very pleased with how well O’Connor & Associates have taken care of getting the annual assessments of my property reduced for over 10 years now. I highly recommend their services. They are very professional and know what they are doing.

Luther Berg Commercial Review from Google

I have used them for 10 or 20 years. I have rental property. There is no way I would file these protests myself. IF I could get my property manager to file these, I would have to pay a flat fee, whether my taxes were reduced or not. O’Connor takes care of this. The hardest part is remembering to pay them when they win.

Don Ryan Residential Review from Google

I’ve been a satisfied client for a number of years and I really appreciate their fee structure. If they don’t lower your taxes, you don’t pay. Extremely happy with my reduction this year, and I will continue to use them in the future.

The Home Keepers Commercial Review from Google

I have used O’Connor & Assoc. for my personal property taxes for the past several years. They are very thorough and it is a very easy process. Once you give them all the info they can automatically go to bat to lower your taxes each year without having to lift a finger! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Michelle Morgan Residential Review from Google

This company was recommended to me by a friend who is very happy with their services. I totally agree. They were able to decrease my property taxes on a brand new house. I will definitely keep using them. Try them for yourself. There should be no charge if they are unable to save you any money.

Owner of a national property management firm Commercial Testimonial

“O’Connor & Associates is the leader when it comes to aggressive tax appeals in Texas. Last year, they were able to lower taxes on multiple properties with outstanding results. I strongly recommend the services of O’Connor & Associates, who consistently achieve superior results.”