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Here is How Texas Government Calculates Property Taxes.

texas government calculating property taxes

Government agencies play a major role in determining the property taxes Texans owe every year. As the population in Texas is growing, the demand for housing booms, and the property values, in turn, increase the property taxes Texans pay every year. Determining how much the Texas property owners owe is quite a complicated process and … Read more

Tax Deductions & Tax Credit Guide for 2021


Property tax bills are a great burden if you haven’t planned your finances well. It can sometimes completely consume your income or drain your savings. It is always important to stay up-to-date about some of the money-saving tips or legal ways to cut down taxes. Well, What are the best money savers in your tax … Read more

Property improvements and their impact on property taxes


Property taxes are an ad valorem tax i.e. the tax that the local government calculates based on the assessed value of your property. The property tax amount keeps changing based on the changes in the property value. An extra bedroom or a property renovation could impact how much your future property taxes would be. A … Read more

Top 10 places to settle down after retirement

Top 10 places to settle down after retirement

Are you searching for a serene environment to retire and spend the rest of your days in peace? Then you must definitely consider the tax rates in that particular county or state because you should not waste most of your fine saved savings to disburse on taxes! Here are the top 10 places in which … Read more

DIY – Protest your property appraisal!


Fight the valuation that determines your property tax bill. The season when the Texas property appraisals are out is said to be the magical season where you walk down to your mailbox with a mix of emotions, deep breathe and dare to look at your appraisal. Property taxes are calculated by multiplying an estimate of … Read more

Tax errors that can increase the IRS audit to about six years

Tax errors that can increase the IRS audit to about six years

In general, the IRS has three years of time to audit after you have filed your taxes. In cases where the taxpayer has omitted more than 25 percent of his income, the three years double up to six years and this error is called the substantial understatement of income. It also gets doubled up if … Read more

Is your Texas property tax bill worrying you?


It is a must for every homeowner to make sure that you are not paying too much on property taxes than you ought to pay. But how do you check it and how can you reduce your property tax burden is the big question. Here are two ways to do it. The first way mentioned … Read more

Appealing your property tax bill


Homeowners, are your property tax bills going up? If the pandemic is hitting hard on you, here is some relief. No matter if you see a significant increase in your tax bill, there are always grounds for an appeal.  You can cut down a certain amount from your property tax bill by opting for an … Read more

Tax Benefits of Home Ownership


Owning a home completely helps in reducing your tax burden. The remarkable tax benefits of owning a home is that your rental income will not be taxed. It is valued as a return on investment as from stock markets and other savings accounts. Rental income falls under this category and will not be taxed. How … Read more