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Top 10 places to settle down after retirement

Top 10 places to settle down after retirement

Are you searching for a serene environment to retire and spend the rest of your days in peace? Then you must definitely consider the tax rates in that particular county or state because you should not waste most of your fine saved savings to disburse on taxes! Here are the top 10 places in which … Read more

A complete guide on the Texas property tax process

A complete guide on the Texas property tax process

Understanding the basics Property taxes are local taxes that are determined by the local officials. The property tax process starts off with valuing your property,  setting your tax rate, and finally collecting your taxes. However, the entire process is governed by Texas law. In Texas, property taxes are a major source of revenue and play … Read more

Can a cost segregation study help you reduce your tax burden?

can a cost segregation study help you reduce your tax burden

Real estate investors have two options to expense their real estate costs. One is the traditional straight-line method and the other one is the cost segregation method. The second method renders a lot of benefits to real estate investors. This includes accelerated depreciation, decreased taxable income, and an increase in cash flow. After the CARES … Read more

What is 1031 Exchange?

What is 1031 Exchange

If you have plans to sell your property and buy another property from the money gained from your recent sale then you must definitely know about the 1031 exchange. This 1031 exchange is basically helpful for investment property owners who are constantly buying and reselling in real estate markets.  What is 1031 exchange? The exchange … Read more

How To Get Tax Deductions For A Foreign Property

how to get tax deductions for a foreign property

Owning foreign properties have few differences in tax benefits than owning your domestic property. Foreign property is a property that is purchased under your name on any foreign land and it can be used as your second home or vacation rental based on the owner’s convenience. The tax benefits depend on how frequently you are … Read more

Getting to know the tax benefits in real estate

cut-my-taxes-getting to know the tax benefits in real estate

Getting to know the tax benefits is really important if you own real estate. You can eliminate or reduce your federal and state income taxes. Depreciation is something that underpins most of the advantages. In this article let’s understand what depreciation, accelerated depreciation, and bonus depreciation is. What is depreciation? Depreciation is the decrease in … Read more

What every real estate investor needs to know about cost segregation?

what every real estate investor should know about cost segregation

As a real estate investor, you must definitely be putting efforts into how to minimize your tax liability. One tax strategy you should be focusing on is cost segregation. It acts as a shield in reducing taxable income for real estate owners by depreciating a few components at an accelerated rate. This blog is all … Read more

3 Types Of Depreciation Methods To Reduce Property Tax!


Do you know that depreciation has a tax impact? Obviously, it has a tax impact because it is a method that is used to calculate the cost value of any property. Depreciation, in general, helps a company or property owner to reduce the amount of taxes they are paying for a year. When the company’s … Read more

3 Real Estate Myths In Times Of The Pandemic

3 Real Estate Myths In Times Of The Pandemic

Every single day we come across so many conversations that are somehow related to covid-19. Even real estate myths are being built in the middle of the pandemic. But we have to be clear that all of what we hear is not true. Most of the myths created now are making investors lose their potential … Read more