Every single day we come across so many conversations that are somehow related to covid-19. Even real estate myths are being built in the middle of the pandemic. But we have to be clear that all of what we hear is not true. Most of the myths created now are making investors lose their potential investments.  Here we have 3 myths that will now break open to show the possibility of real estate markets.

Don’t sell your real estate property!

There are many home sellers waiting out there to sell their houses. But they are stagnated by the greatest myths of the pandemic. It’s don’t sell your home now, it’s definitely not a good time as the real estate market is fluctuating. Compared to the previous year, home sales have gone down to 14%. Many investors are crowded by these myths and stopped investing. But that’s not true. Many clever home sellers are making their big moves now. Many economists suggest that it is a good time to sell houses because there are buyers ready to invest their money in property rather than anything else.

Virtual reality vs old school

Many investors who are interested to invest their money in property find it hard to cope with virtual reality. For instance, Let’s take an investor who is about to buy a property for house flipping. He will have to look in-depth at the property just to make future enhancements to do house flipping for the highest deals. His motive for looking at a property will be different and virtual reality cannot fulfill the needs that he is looking for. Such kinds of investors are carried away by these myths.

Now the pandemic is under controlled situation investors. They can definitely go for walk-in and look at the property before investing their money. Not all sellers force people to use virtual reality, some sellers allow their investors to have a look at the property before closing the deal.

Urban vs Suburban

Since the pandemic, sales in the sub-urban have increased up to a percentage of 13. Many people are sticking around the social distancing concept and they tend to buy real estate properties in suburban rather than crowded NYC. As most of the companies have also announced work from home culture until further notice, most of the property listing sites are coming up with properties in the suburbs.

Many real estate investors who aimed to buy an urban city property are redirected to suburban because of a pandemic myth. Investors have to understand that investing in a property with the highest resale value can happen only in urban cities. If you are being misguided by social distancing myths, then make sure you are thinking wisely about returns on your investment.

The covid-19 is acceptably bad but that cannot change the real estate market trends unless investors and sellers are allowing for it. Think smart and make changes when it comes to investing in any real estate property.