Protesting Property Taxes

Here is why property taxes are high in Texas


A property tax check is one of the biggest checks you might write every year as Texas has the highest property tax rate in the US. Property owners nearly pay more than one-third when compared to the national average. But why? Here are three major reasons listed out that explain why Texas has the highest … Read more

Are you living in Cook county? Then lookout for high property taxes!


Cook county is coming up with new plans to work on their tax codes and reforms to start from scratch! The property tax bills were late because it took a long time to correct the errors in the senior citizen exemptions program. The county assessor identified the problem with the senior citizen exemption program and … Read more

Here is How Texas Government Calculates Property Taxes.

texas government calculating property taxes

Government agencies play a major role in determining the property taxes Texans owe every year. As the population in Texas is growing, the demand for housing booms, and the property values, in turn, increase the property taxes Texans pay every year. Determining how much the Texas property owners owe is quite a complicated process and … Read more

Finding it difficult to pay your property tax bill? Here is what you can do.


Property taxes cost property owners thousands of dollars or even more every year. If the property tax bill is in your hand, and you are worried you can’t pay thousands of dollars, the fear that your property can get sued can make you stressed. There are several options that can help you settle it before … Read more

Spiking property taxes? Here is what you can do about it!

Spiking property taxes Here is what you can do about it

Property taxes are an ad valorem tax that the local government calculates based on the property’s value. The tax amount varies based on the changes in the property’s value. Several reasons impact property taxes and make them go up. Property taxes are based on the state, municipality, or the town’s tax rate as well the … Read more

DIY – Protest your property appraisal!


Fight the valuation that determines your property tax bill. The season when the Texas property appraisals are out is said to be the magical season where you walk down to your mailbox with a mix of emotions, deep breathe and dare to look at your appraisal. Property taxes are calculated by multiplying an estimate of … Read more

A complete guide on the Texas property tax process

A complete guide on the Texas property tax process

Understanding the basics Property taxes are local taxes that are determined by the local officials. The property tax process starts off with valuing your property,  setting your tax rate, and finally collecting your taxes. However, the entire process is governed by Texas law. In Texas, property taxes are a major source of revenue and play … Read more

How To Tackle Business Personal Property Taxes Effectively

How To Tackle Business Personal Property Taxes Effectively

When it comes to Business Personal Property, handling it for a single property can be exhausting when the due dates are near. What will be the scenario when you are supposed to manage multiple properties? It might be a big burden if you don’t have an organized plan. But here are few tips to keep … Read more

Tax errors that can increase the IRS audit to about six years

Tax errors that can increase the IRS audit to about six years

In general, the IRS has three years of time to audit after you have filed your taxes. In cases where the taxpayer has omitted more than 25 percent of his income, the three years double up to six years and this error is called the substantial understatement of income. It also gets doubled up if … Read more

Is your Texas property tax bill worrying you?


It is a must for every homeowner to make sure that you are not paying too much on property taxes than you ought to pay. But how do you check it and how can you reduce your property tax burden is the big question. Here are two ways to do it. The first way mentioned … Read more