3 Types Of Depreciation Methods To Reduce Property Tax!


Do you know that depreciation has a tax impact? Obviously, it has a tax impact because it is a method that is used to calculate the cost value of any property. Depreciation,…

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A complete guide on property tax exemption

Oconnor a complete guide on property tax exemption

Texas does not have any state property tax as such but does have taxes that are all locally assessed. Property taxes are the major source of revenue that pays for the services…

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How, when & why should you submit a property tax appeal letter?

oconnor how when & why should you submit a property tax appeal

For those living in Texas, taxes are one of the certainties in life but it doesn’t mean you will have to agree with the amount of taxes you pay. Property tax valuation…

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Insights on how to protest property taxes and the property tax appeal procedures

Oconnor insights on how to protest property taxes and the property tax appeal procedures

As a property owner, you have every right to protest with regards to your property tax appraisal. Not many are aware of the protest process or are familiar with the appeal procedure….

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Should I opt for a binding arbitration?


When filing a property tax appeal, you must have come across the word binding arbitration, but what is it all about. Arbitration refers to resolving a dispute outside of the court. Parties…

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Protesting Your Taxes Can Be Your New Year Resolution!

protest-your-taxes-new-year resolution-oconnor

As we are stepping into 2021, it is better to have clarity on tax protesting. Most people think when they can’t pay their property taxes they may have to out of a…

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The impact of cost segregation on property tax

Every real estate investor focuses on reducing his/her tax liability and tries to take advantage of the tax strategies available. But, not all are aware of cost segregation. Cost segregation is an…

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Pay Less Property Taxes On Your Rental Investment


People are trying to save more dollars rather than spending them. Are you looking for dollar saving ideas in rental investment? Then there are tax deductions available for rental property investors! Property…

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Business personal property tax: don’t pay more than you need to


Business owners must be quite familiar with the term business personal property tax (BPP). But did you know you can reduce your personal property taxes that you are paying now! In this…

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Covid 19 affects on property taxes

covid 19-affects-property-taxes

It was in the mid of March, that we started accepting the new normal of covid-19. From the very beginning of the quarantine, the real estate market was into a storm of…

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