Cook county is coming up with new plans to work on their tax codes and reforms to start from scratch! The property tax bills were late because it took a long time to correct the errors in the senior citizen exemptions program. The county assessor identified the problem with the senior citizen exemption program and tried to figure it out before the news was out. Fritz Kaegi’s, the county assessor of Cook, his only intention was to solve the issue and fix it so that no citizen needs to pay more than their fair share.

What’s the root cause?

The root cause of so many errors that happened with senior citizen exemption was due to high paperwork and an outdated system. This massive issue has spread to laying unfair taxes on poor and middle management people that resulted in them paying high taxes. But the county assessor explained that they are looking for bright new ways to make commercial property assessment more transparent with updated technology.

What do you need to do?

It is a prime right for every citizen to protest their taxes! You must be clever to avoid such high payments being credited to the government which involves more than your fair share. That is why it’s better to educate yourself and your friends about the property tax protection program. It is a program designed with a pragmatic approach that helps any client to appeal for their property taxes.

Cook County property owners, here is how you can benefit from the Property Tax Protection Program

It can be a fair question and it needs to be answered without any hidden fees or terms. This program doesn’t charge you anything unless your taxes are protested and reduced. Here are the benefits of enrolling in this program

  1. Assist you with filing your appeals without any cost/charges.
  2. Assists you to answer any questions related to exemptions.
  3. Work closely with you to make sure you are not being highly taxed this year!
  4. Prepare photos and other prominent evidence which can speak up for great reduction results. 

These are just a few reasons to enroll in our property tax protection program. 6 out of 7 people who filed for this program get property tax reduction more than their expectation. Stop thinking and fill-up the form to enroll now in the $25 early bid enrollment bonus! Protest now to stop paying more than your fair share!