Protesting Property Taxes

Can a cost segregation study help you reduce your tax burden?

can a cost segregation study help you reduce your tax burden

Real estate investors have two options to expense their real estate costs. One is the traditional straight-line method and the other one is the cost segregation method. The second method renders a lot of benefits to real estate investors. This includes accelerated depreciation, decreased taxable income, and an increase in cash flow. After the CARES … Read more

What is 1031 Exchange?

What is 1031 Exchange

If you have plans to sell your property and buy another property from the money gained from your recent sale then you must definitely know about the 1031 exchange. This 1031 exchange is basically helpful for investment property owners who are constantly buying and reselling in real estate markets.  What is 1031 exchange? The exchange … Read more

If you don’t agree with the ARB’s decision, here is what you can do

If you don’t agree with the ARB's decision, here is what you can do

Say, you opted to file a protest on your property taxes and you just had a hearing before the appraisal review board. If you do not agree with the decision made by the ARB, there are three options you have in hand to appeal. You can either appeal to the district court, opt for binding … Read more

How Can Seniors Be Excluded From The Property Tax Burden?

How Can Seniors Be Excluded From Property Tax Burden

Property taxes are a burden for many taxpayers. Unfortunately, it’s an extra added burden for seniors in Texas. But Texas has given many exemptions and other ways to reduce property taxes of senior residents.  Over 65 homestead exemption The over-65 homestead exemption can permanently freeze the total amount that is necessary for paying school property … Read more

Forms of Harris County Appraisal District

forms of harris county appraisal district

As the tax protesting season is on the way, every homeowner has lots of paperwork to do. But the real question is, do homeowners have a real idea about forms in the Harris district? If you are a homeowner who is wanting to learn a few important things about forms, then this blog post will … Read more

Appealing your property tax bill


Homeowners, are your property tax bills going up? If the pandemic is hitting hard on you, here is some relief. No matter if you see a significant increase in your tax bill, there are always grounds for an appeal.  You can cut down a certain amount from your property tax bill by opting for an … Read more

Property appraisal, the purpose, and its process

oconnor property appraisal the purpose and its process

It is important for property owners to understand how the value of the property is assessed as the assessed values are used by the property tax authorities to determine the tax bill. This article will brief you on what property appraisal is all about and the different property appraisal approaches. Let’s also understand the difference … Read more

What Is the IRS Form 1040 & How To Prepare For 2021 Filing?

What Is Form 1040 & How To Prepare For 2021 Filing

The year 2020 has brought lots of changes in the economy. Are you worried about paying the 2021 property taxes? Then you must plan on this Q4 for your tax appeal. The IRS form 1040 has made a few changes this year. Every year the tax codes may be changed so that line numbers can … Read more

Important Tax Deadlines and Dates of 2021

texas property tax deadlines

Looking for fresh new updates of 2021 tax deadlines? Then here is the exact one you have been looking for. Keep an eye on the deadlines so that you don’t miss anything! Jan 15, 2021 4th quarter estimated tax payments are due  Entrepreneurs and self-employed people who need to pay back their tax payments for … Read more

How, when & why should you submit a property tax appeal letter?

oconnor how when & why should you submit a property tax appeal

For those living in Texas, taxes are one of the certainties in life but it doesn’t mean you will have to agree with the amount of taxes you pay. Property tax valuation amounts are not carved on stones, it can be reduced if taxpayers make use of the property tax appeals to their fullest advantage. … Read more