As the tax protesting season is on the way, every homeowner has lots of paperwork to do. But the real question is, do homeowners have a real idea about forms in the Harris district? If you are a homeowner who is wanting to learn a few important things about forms, then this blog post will help you out!

Homestead exemption form

We all would have an idea about homestead exemption. It can help you to save more on property taxes. When you apply for homestead exemption, the exemption relaxes your tax value from that property which in turn lowers the total amount in the tax bill. The time to claim your exemption extends up to the 30th of April, in 2021. To apply for homestead exemption in Harris County, you need to look for Form 50-114- A.

Misspelled name or address?

A lot of homeowners might be facing this issue after purchasing a property. You have full flexibility to change both your name and address. There are specific forms for business property and residential property.

  • Form 25.25(b)PP – It can be used to change name or address in BPP accounts. 
  • Form 25.25(b)RP – it can be used to correct name or address in residential or real property accounts.

Once you have made changes, don’t forget to cross-verify with the taxing authority about the name or address update. These forms can be used when your property is being transferred to somebody in terms of sale or other transfers.

Protesting forms

It is your hard-earned money and that’s the reason why many homeowners want to protest. Protesting nowadays has become much easier. Either you have property tax reduction experts who help you with paperwork and protesting or you can do it by yourself with Form 50-132. If you have ample time to prepare solid evidence and other tax documents, then protesting online is the best. If you are running out of time with so many other commitments, then tax reduction experts can help you to resolve your burden.

Even a request for same-day protest hearings is possible. Such hearings are held consecutively for 20 properties on a single day. Fill Form 50-131 to protest on the same day. 

These are some of the forms which can help you to protest better during this year! Appeal your property taxes annually to manage your property tax assessment. Like an untended garden, property taxes grow out of control if not appealed. Ensure you don’t pay more than your share of property tax assessments! There is usually no cost to appeal your property taxes. So, Protest with O’Connor now!