In 2021, the most spoken topic was the increasing home prices. No matter what people decided, whether to buy, sell, or live, they were responsible for paying the increasing property taxes that came along with the increased home price. For the current year’s property taxes, the market value for residents was set on the 1st of January 2021. The home prices across major cities in North Texas have been on a rise with the median price approximately being $310,000. The data collected from the local real estate agents showed that the price of a single-family home that was previously owned in North Texas has increased by 50% and more when compared to the last five years. It is assumed that the homeowners will have to face higher property taxes in the upcoming years.

Get an idea of what your tax bill would be by visiting your county’s local tax assessor-collector webpage.

Tips to keep your 2022 & 2023 property taxes low

  1. Homeowners make sure you have applied for the homestead exemptions in your county.

  2. Have you purchased your house in the last 2 years and the CAD values seem higher than the contract price? Bring the contract to your appraisal district and they will honor the price mentioned on the contract.

  3. If you had not done any improvement or remodeling but the improvement values have increased then, you have a great chance to lower the values.

  4. If you decide to protest but do not find time, engage a property tax consultant who will protest and reduce your taxes every year.

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