Are you looking at how to lower your annual tax burden? To help you win a property tax protest, here are six pro tips. You can use them to your advantage every year.

Tip 1: Appeal your property taxes every single year

File your property taxes every single year even if you won a protest last year. The more you try the more are the chances of winning. O’Connor’s client savings have totaled over $120 million this 2020 and our client savings have totaled over $1,000,000,000.

Tip 2: Research Your Neighbours

Yes, you heard it right. Always pause by your neighbors’ place, converse with your neighbors and build a relationship with them where you can share the values of your homes. The county appraisal districts compare other homes and sales in the neighborhood, so understanding how much your home is worth compared to others, can give you an idea of how much you would pay in taxes. The lower the values of homes in your area, the lower will be your tax bills.

Tip 3: Gather evidence

To win a case at the official listening, homework is required. Show how much you paid for your property by displaying your sales statement, evidence can always back you up. If the numbers are less than the valuation then it is almost a done deal. Gather other sales data from your neighborhood as well. Hiring a professional tax consultant can make your job simpler, they help you gather the evidence and present the appeal on your behalf.

Tip 4: Don’t opt to e-file

Few county appraisal districts provide an option to file your property taxes online; this might seem easy but it is a tedious task. The chances of rejection are high when you e-file and you will have to go back again and find out what went wrong. To avoid this our experts can help you out and make the process easy.

Tip 5: Hire a pro

Hiring a professional to handle your property tax protest has a lot of benefits. They have the right knowledge and expertise which helps you save your time and energy and relieve you from stress. Having expertise in the field for years, O’Connor – Tax reduction experts, can build your case and increase the chance of winning an appeal. Your time is saved, you are not required to gather any evidence, fill in tedious forms, or attend regular ARB hearings. We do it all for you, making your protest as simple as possible.

A professional can help you walk easily through the process and can give you the best shot at winning your appeal. Protest your taxes and maximize your savings. Start by checking the fairness of your property value.