The Texas county appraisal districts usually evaluate the value of the properties in their respective counties. After the protest period has expired, and after the taxing entities have agreed with the tax rates, the property tax bills are sent out to property owners either electronically or by e-mail. This begins on the first of October every year and property owners have time until the 31st of January to pay their taxes before the interest or penalties begin to occur.

But, what if it’s almost the end of January and you have still not received your property tax statement. This blog is all about that. Get insights on why this might have happened and what steps can be taken to avoid such situations.

Why have you not received your property tax statement?

The property tax statements are usually sent out by the county appraisal districts where your property is located. Below are the three common reasons why you may not have received your property tax statement.

  • Your county appraisal district might have not appraised your property yet,
  • you might have requested to go paperless hence, you must assess your statement online or,
  • you might have recently become the owner of the property which the county office is not aware of.

What can be done?

Check if you can get the statement in your online account. Make sure your contact information is correct and up to date. If this doesn’t work out, call up your county’s property tax assessor or send out an email.

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Should you still pay property taxes?

Not receiving a property tax statement does not matter, you are still responsible to pay your taxes on time. Call up your county tax assessor as soon as possible to get rid of penalties or interest.