Texas property tax rates have always been skyrocketing and many property owners out there are expecting to see a tax break because of the current economic situation, but sadly it is not on the horizon. With COVID-19 hitting the real estate market, Texans are not likely to see any tax break in 2020. The opportunity to freeze taxes is slim as well. Property owners are left with just one choice, and it is none other than protesting property taxes.

Why no tax breaks in 2020?

There are two major reasons.

  • The first one being that the county appraisal districts set the property values on January 1st before the deadly virus reached the pandemic stage i.e the amount you’ll have to pay on property taxes was determined earlier.
  • The second reason is the opinion issued by the Texas Attorney General, which states only physical disasters qualify for tax exemptions.

The increasing tax rate during this tough time is making it even tougher for taxpayers. The only way to reduce the tax burden is by filing an appeal. Property taxes can quickly get out of control if not appealed every year.

Filing a property tax appeal

Filing an appeal is the best way to reduce the tax burden and is also your responsibility as a property owner. Pay only your share of the property taxes, not anymore. By appealing your property taxes, you can reduce a significant amount of taxes you owe. Doing this every year helps you save hundreds and thousands of dollars. You can protest your own property taxes for free, or hire a company to do it for you. If you wish to protest on your own, the most important thing you can do is get the HB201 evidence package from the appraisal district. It will include all the details the county appraisal district included in order to come up with their evaluation. Another important note is to ALWAYS bring photos with you to the hearings. The process of protesting can be tedious, it starts off with filing a form with the county appraisal district, you then meet with the CAD and try to resolve the issue. If an agreement is not reached you will have to file a written notice of protest with the ARB. If you don’t agree you can then appeal to the district’s court else opt for binding arbitration or file with the SOAH. If you protest on your own and having a hard time, professional companies, like O’Connor, can do it for you.

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