As we are stepping into 2021, it is better to have clarity on tax protesting. Most people think when they can’t pay their property taxes they may have to out of a location. But that’s not the solution we are looking at! There is a more realistic approach that can help to reduce your tax burden. Tax protesting and O’Connor can help you to deal with tax reduction.

January is the season that allows us to prepare for taxes. Based on your county, you may get your tax assessment during the first month of the year. Since the property taxes are assessed based on the property that you own, the owners who have high property values are supposed to pay high property taxes. Since we are still recuperating from the impacts of COVID-19, which happened during March 2020 many owners find it hard to pay higher taxes.

Better Resolution As A Solution

To pay your bills on time, it’s better to take a resolution of tax reduction with O’Connor tax reduction experts. To understand how protesting happens, you need to be clear of the approach which is used by your appraiser. If you are a single-family owner, then your appraiser approach is based on sales comparison.

For protesting better, create solid evidence that can help in lowering your tax burden. There are several ideas on how you can do a tax reduction, some of them are homestead exemption, exceptions, and much more.

It is your right to lower taxes and therefore make use of the tax reduction experts who can protest on your behalf. Make sure your agents are licensed tax consultants. 

Why O’Connor?

O’Connor & Associates has the staff and support team to represent your interests in protesting your property’s assessed value. There is no cost to you unless we save you money. Once you enroll with the property tax protection program, your taxes will be aggressively protested every year.