El Paso city officials are seeking ways to source revenue in the 2022 budget. The best part is, sources say this will not have an increase in the property tax rate. The Chief Financial Officer said the city will maintain the same property tax rate for the 2022 fiscal year budget.

In April, the CAD announced that the property value in the counties will be increasing. Despite the tax rate being the same, the taxes are expected to go up because of the valuations. This is because of the increasing cost of wood and other building materials. However, homeowners are not likely to see an increase in the property tax rate of the city because of the increase in the value of a property.

Is it good to protest?

No matter your home values go up, down, or remain the same it is always better to protest your taxes year after year. All you need is a good plan to protect the rights that will help you lower your property tax rates. Also, make sure you file your homestead exemptions.

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