Is February nearing & have you not received your property tax statement? Here is what you can do.


The Texas county appraisal districts usually evaluate the value of the properties in their respective counties. After the protest period has expired, and after the taxing entities have agreed with the tax rates, the property tax bills are sent out to property owners either electronically or by e-mail. This begins on the first of October … Read more

Cost segregation – The Best Tax Advantage Strategy

Cost segregation The Best Tax Advantage Strategy

This tax strategy can help you increase your cash flow and help reduce the current tax liability, both at the same time. If you are looking to hold your hard-earned cash, then say YES to Cost Segregation. Understanding cost segregation Cost segregation is one of the best tax-saving tools that can help a taxpayer accelerate … Read more

Here is why property taxes are high in Texas


A property tax check is one of the biggest checks you might write every year as Texas has the highest property tax rate in the US. Property owners nearly pay more than one-third when compared to the national average. But why? Here are three major reasons listed out that explain why Texas has the highest … Read more

Are you living in Cook county? Then lookout for high property taxes!


Cook county is coming up with new plans to work on their tax codes and reforms to start from scratch! The property tax bills were late because it took a long time to correct the errors in the senior citizen exemptions program. The county assessor identified the problem with the senior citizen exemption program and … Read more

Tax Deductions & Tax Credit Guide for 2021


Property tax bills are a great burden if you haven’t planned your finances well. It can sometimes completely consume your income or drain your savings. It is always important to stay up-to-date about some of the money-saving tips or legal ways to cut down taxes. Well, What are the best money savers in your tax … Read more

Will Texas See High Property Taxes in 2023?


The big question now is, are Texans likely to experience a higher property tax rate in 2022 or is going to remain the same? This question is bombarding many Texans’ minds. However, in a press release on the 30th of August, Senator Bettencourt said Texans will see a reduction of at least 6.6 pennies on … Read more

Finding it difficult to pay your property tax bill? Here is what you can do.


Property taxes cost property owners thousands of dollars or even more every year. If the property tax bill is in your hand, and you are worried you can’t pay thousands of dollars, the fear that your property can get sued can make you stressed. There are several options that can help you settle it before … Read more

Spiking property taxes? Here is what you can do about it!

Spiking property taxes Here is what you can do about it

Property taxes are an ad valorem tax that the local government calculates based on the property’s value. The tax amount varies based on the changes in the property’s value. Several reasons impact property taxes and make them go up. Property taxes are based on the state, municipality, or the town’s tax rate as well the … Read more

Property improvements and their impact on property taxes


Property taxes are an ad valorem tax i.e. the tax that the local government calculates based on the assessed value of your property. The property tax amount keeps changing based on the changes in the property value. An extra bedroom or a property renovation could impact how much your future property taxes would be. A … Read more

Top 10 places to settle down after retirement

Top 10 places to settle down after retirement

Are you searching for a serene environment to retire and spend the rest of your days in peace? Then you must definitely consider the tax rates in that particular county or state because you should not waste most of your fine saved savings to disburse on taxes! Here are the top 10 places in which … Read more