Property Taxes

The Average Increase in Glynn County Single-Family Home Assessments for 2023 is 17.30%.

Glynn County

O’Connor ratio research shows that the median time-adjusted sales price for a typical residence in Glynn County, Georgia is $325,000, but the median assessed value is $301,600, which is $23,400 more than the market price. As a result, much residential property in Glynn County is overvalued. The research study compares the time-adjusted sales price with … Read more

Gwinnett County Single-Family Home Appraisals Increase an Average 15.6% for 2023

Gwinnett County

According to an O’Connor ratio analysis, the median time-adjusted sales price for the typical home in Gwinnett County, Georgia is $370,000, but the median appraised value is $378,700, which is $8,700 more than the market price. This means the average Gwinnett County residential property is overvalued by 2.7%. The analysis contrasts the time-adjusted sales price … Read more

Forsyth County Commercial Property Tax Assessment in 2023

Forsyth County

Commercial property owners in Forsyth were shocked to receive 2023 property tax assessments 35.8% higher than in 2021. Owners of hotels and warehouses received the largest increases; both over 130% in 2023. Property tax assessments for hotels rose 164% in one year; from $13.8 million in 2022 to $36.5 million in 2023. Property tax assessments … Read more

Chatham County Tax Assessor Increases Residential Tax Assessments by 87%!

Chatham County

A review of Chatham County 2023 property tax assessments reveals an average increase of 87% per house. Houses valued between $500,000 and $750,000 had the largest increases in property tax assessments; an unbelievable 147.7% increase in one year! This analysis was conducted by O’Connor. Homes valued between $250,000 to $500,000 were also increased over 100%; … Read more

Cook County 2023 Residential Property Reassessments Soar

Cook County 2023 Residential Property Reassessments Soar

Chicago property tax assessments are skyrocketing for homeowners, with some seeing increases over 100%.  For the fourteen Cook County townships reviewed, residential property tax assessments increased most in Calumet, a whopping 54.5%.  The townships reviewed include Barrington, Berwyn, Calumet, Hanover, Oak Park, River Forest, Riverside, Rogers Park, Lemont, New Trier, Orland, and Schaumburg.  Six of … Read more

Homes Grossly Over-Valued in Orland Township, Illinois?

Homes Grossly Over Valued in Orland Township Illinois

Can you assume that the Cook County Assessor’s estimate of market value for your home is accurate and reflects the actual market value?  In many cases, the answer is no.  Some homes are substantially overvalued based on recent sales transactions.  Other homes are substantially undervalued. Please see the tables below.  We provide the address for … Read more

Chicago 2023 Revaluation Over-Burdens Homeowners

Chicago 2023

Cook County’s 2023 reassessment places over 60% of the increases in market value on homeowners with 38% on commercial property. The total assessment for 15 townships reviewed increased from $30.6 billion to $35.9 billion, a 17.3% increase. Home values were increased $3.3 billion (13.8%) while commercial property values were increased by $2.0 billion (30.6%). The … Read more

Questions on Cook County Homeowner’s Exemptions?

Cook County

If you own property in Cook County, you are probably frustrated right now with constantly rising property taxes. At O’Connor, our mission is to enrich property owners through cost effective tax reduction, and we have a couple of recommendations on how you can help lower your property taxes. Our first tip is to appeal your … Read more

When Does A Texas Property Tax Protest Have to be Resolved?


Homeowners considering protesting their property tax appraisal understandably have several questions. But before we answer these questions, it is important to understand how your property value is determined. HOW IS MY TAX BILL CALCULATED? In Texas, property taxes are determined at the county rather than the state level. Two factors impact the taxes:  Taxable value … Read more

2021 home prices affect the 2022 & 2023 property tax bills.

2021 home prices affect the 2022 & 2023 property tax bills

In 2021, the most spoken topic was the increasing home prices. No matter what people decided, whether to buy, sell, or live, they were responsible for paying the increasing property taxes that came along with the increased home price. For the current year’s property taxes, the market value for residents was set on the 1st … Read more