Are you a property owner who has received your appraisal by email? Do you want to protest your property taxes? Are you in a dilemma on how to file an appeal? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Property taxes might seem a little complicated but they are a principal source of revenue for the county or city. The assessed taxes are used to fund schools, fix roads, fire protection, and a lot more. But, if you feel the appraisal value that pops up in your mailbox is a real outrage, go for a property tax protest. Let’s get a little in detail on how to do it.

Go through the appraisal

The first and foremost step you will have to take is to check if your property is listed properly in the notice you have received. Check if the square foot mentioned is right and if all the features are correct. Also, don’t forget to check for the exemptions. There are other benefits that can ease your tax burden. Take a read on the disabled and veterans exemptions as well.

Get to know the worth of your house

It is always better to have an idea of how much the houses in your neighborhood are worth. This can be easier if you develop a good friendship with your realtor. When you appeal, you are appealing what the value was in the previous year. You cannot appeal to the current value as it doesn’t matter to the ARB. If you want to appeal, here is the universal form to file a tax protest.

Collect your evidence

Once you have submitted the protest form, an appraiser gets in touch with you and notifies you about the appearance date in front of the Appraisal Review Board. As per the state law, you have a 15 days notice period before you appear and present your case in front of the ARB. You can also go back and forth with your appraiser to sort your case by submitting evidence. If you and your appraiser come to an agreement there is no need for a formal protest hearing else you will have to appear in front of the ARB.

The last chance for a formal argument

During the hearings, you can voice out the merits of your argument along with evidence to support it. The hearings are usually short (around 15 minutes) so make sure the evidence you produce speaks for you.

The final outcome

The protest might not always result in favor for you. Sometimes you might save just a few dollars. If you are not happy with the appeal you can always go for the next shot by applying for binding arbitration.


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