Are you someone who doesn’t have much idea about protesting taxes? This year learn more and start preparing to protest taxes with your documents. We are in Fall and it’s a great time to start preparing to protest your taxes. It’s always better to start preparing before the pressure of tax season. Here are a few tips for you to make protesting easier! 

Keep your evidence ready

As per tax code 41.61, any appraisal district must provide the evidence before your hearing happens. Write a letter to the County Appraisal District requesting your evidence so that you can keep your documents ready for review board hearings. If you have any major questions on property tax appeal services, O’Connor is here to help you out!

Keep track of your finances

If you are a multi-property owner, the tax filings and due dates are hard to remember in the midst of your regular schedules. Streamline all of them with online software. There is plenty of both paid and free software for you to choose from. Some of the options are Yardi, Appfolio property manager, and Real page.

Opt for DIFY

If you feel DIY is a little difficult then opt for DIFY services from O’Connor. Do It For You (DIFY) service provided by O’Connor helps with property tax appeal service for many homeowners across Texas. We have all the necessary tools to prepare your filings and protest your tax appeal. We can handle your property tax appeals without any upfront fees and this goes on for all levels of appeals. The appeal has three levels such as 

  • Informal hearing
  • Appraisal review board
  • State appeal

We coordinate in the judicial appeal process and protest for your property taxes on your behalf.,/p>

Now you have a better idea on how to file or protest for your property taxes. Brushing up your documents and keeping it ready can always help to reduce stress on the deadline dates.

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