2021 Tax Season Updates


The IRS has extended the tax filing and payment deadline to the 17th of May, 2021 and this extension is due to the increased complications of the pandemic. Due to the outbreak, multiple tax reliefs and acts were passed during the past year 2020. It might be hard for taxpayers to navigate between various reliefs … Read more

Property appraisal, the purpose, and its process

oconnor property appraisal the purpose and its process

It is important for property owners to understand how the value of the property is assessed as the assessed values are used by the property tax authorities to determine the tax bill. This article will brief you on what property appraisal is all about and the different property appraisal approaches. Let’s also understand the difference … Read more

Covid 19 affects on property taxes

covid 19-affects-property-taxes

It was in the mid of March, that we started accepting the new normal of covid-19. From the very beginning of the quarantine, the real estate market was into a storm of highs and lows. Though the work-from-home policies of various companies succeeded with their workflow, this has emptied most of the commercial properties and … Read more