Cost Segregation – Reduce taxes & increase cash flow!

Cost Segregation Reduce taxes & increase cash flow

Are you looking for new strategies to increase cash flow for your medical facility, then this is the best time to opt for a cost segregation study. If you are planning to construct a new medical facility or purchase an existing building then cost segregation will help you reduce your income tax liabilities and also … Read more

Can manufacturing facilities benefit from cost segregation?


A cost segregation study identifies personal property assets that are grouped with real property assets. The study then separates the personal assets for tax purposes. Personal property includes both a building’s non-structural elements, indirect construction expenses, and exterior land improvements. Conducting a CSS requires the experience of an engineer who has a good understanding of … Read more

Can a cost segregation study help you reduce your tax burden?

can a cost segregation study help you reduce your tax burden

Real estate investors have two options to expense their real estate costs. One is the traditional straight-line method and the other one is the cost segregation method. The second method renders a lot of benefits to real estate investors. This includes accelerated depreciation, decreased taxable income, and an increase in cash flow. After the CARES … Read more

What every real estate investor needs to know about cost segregation?

what every real estate investor should know about cost segregation

As a real estate investor, you must definitely be putting efforts into how to minimize your tax liability. One tax strategy you should be focusing on is cost segregation. It acts as a shield in reducing taxable income for real estate owners by depreciating a few components at an accelerated rate. This blog is all … Read more

The impact of cost segregation on property tax


Every real estate investor focuses on reducing his/her tax liability and tries to take advantage of the tax strategies available. But, not all are aware of cost segregation. Cost segregation is an IRS defined approach for reducing your taxable income. It identifies and depreciates the components of a real estate property at an accelerated rate. … Read more