Texans, did you know? Your upcoming property tax bills could be lower!

Texans, your upcoming property tax bills could be lower

Yes, you read it right! Texans can expect to see a lower tax bill in 2022. This could be the result of the tough political climate. According to Senator Paul Bettencourt, the value of a house that is around $300,000 will be able to save around $200 in 2022, according to Bettencourt’s office, no matter … Read more

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Will Texas see high property taxes in 2022?


The big question now is, are Texans likely to experience a higher property tax rate in 2022 or is going to remain the same? This question is bombarding many Texans’ minds. However, in a press release on the 30th of August, Senator Bettencourt said Texans will see a reduction of at least 6.6 pennies on … Read more

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Appealing your property tax bill


Homeowners, are your property tax bills going up? If the pandemic is hitting hard on you, here is some relief. No matter if you see a significant increase in your tax bill, there are always grounds for an appeal.  You can cut down a certain amount from your property tax bill by opting for an … Read more

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