Are you 65 years or older or disabled? Here is what you should know about the property tax deferral.


Texans who are aged 65 or older or those who are disabled as per the Texas tax law can now postpone paying their current and their delinquent residential property taxes! This can be done by signing a property tax deferral affidavit at the HCAD office (Harris county appraisal district). During a news release, HCAD said … Read more

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2021 Tax Season Updates


The IRS has extended the tax filing and payment deadline to the 17th of May, 2021 and this extension is due to the increased complications of the pandemic. Due to the outbreak, multiple tax reliefs and acts were passed during the past year 2020. It might be hard for taxpayers to navigate between various reliefs … Read more

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Pay Less Property Taxes On Your Rental Investment


People are trying to save more dollars rather than spending them. Are you looking for dollar saving ideas in rental investment? Then there are tax deductions available for rental property investors! Property taxes won’t be a burden anymore when you are completely involved with better tax strategies. You can be a passive investor or a … Read more

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Tax Benefits of Home Ownership


Owning a home completely helps in reducing your tax burden. The remarkable tax benefits of owning a home is that your rental income will not be taxed. It is valued as a return on investment as from stock markets and other savings accounts. Rental income falls under this category and will not be taxed. How … Read more

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4 EASY Steps to Reducing Your Property Taxes


Did you know that reducing your property taxes is a lot easier than you think? There are only 4 simple steps standing between you and reducing your property taxes to 50 to 80% of market value. It’s a shame that only 7% of property owners appeal their unfair values annually because that means that over … Read more

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Do You Have A Market Value Property? You Should Still Protest


Having your property appraised at fair market value is important if you want to maintain accurate records and avoid paying too much on property taxes each year. Even if you have a fair market value property, you may still want to look at protesting the proposed taxes with the Appraisal Review Board. According to the … Read more

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